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    July 5th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    The controversial single, ‘Love The Way You Lie’, debuted at number 2 this week. I really love this song: the lamenting tune, the trenchant words. Again, should I here again clear my stance: I don’t think the song “promotes” or “documents” domestic violence – it’s urging all couples suffering from this curse to get away from this vicious cycle. So what do you think makes this song such a quick hit? The controversy? The collaboration? The message? Whatever it is, I just can’t wait till the video comes out.

    ‘California Gurls’ stays at #1 this week, and ‘Alejandro’ keeps falling. Jason Derülo ‘Riding’ Solo’ peeked into the top 10 this week. This seems to be the first single where he didn’t sing his name. But I think he should’ve; you know, so people don’t mistake his footwork and voice as Chris Brown. All kidding aside, the song is meh… I can’t say I am a fan of his  “…solo… solo…” accent. And I also think this song lacks originality, and somehow departs from his style.

    Let’s now turn our attention to video debuts. After quite a hiatus, Maroon 5 came back with ‘Misery’, which debuts at #44. Check out his video, Adam Levine seems like he never aged. This is a kinda typical-”Maroon 5?-sounding song, but the video is definitely worthwhile to watch. It’s just amusing to keep seeing Adam being pwned by the “girlfriend”… but what’s with all these domestic-violence theme in music now? The rape scene in ‘Alejandro’, … and this? Wait till we see the video for ‘Love The Way You Lie’. Personally, I really don’t think domestic violence is a theme they should be propagating.

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