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  • every rose has its thorn.

    June 28th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    Scratch the pen & paper.te amo.


    READITBITCH.every rose has its thorn.

    MILEY CYRUS- album is out now.

    ok. stop jizzing and read. it 20 to 8 on a monday morning. I went to sleep at 2 and i cant sleep because of the stupid flies thinking there bees. and buzz buzz fucking buzzing. I’ve been pretty lazy recently; not waking up til 12ish; going out to drink/smoke about 4 then getting in at 11 and being online until the early hrs of the morning. Its seems pretty pointless thought, i’d hate to just not do anything and get stuff off the council constantly; i mean no offence to anyone but i personally wouldnt be able to do that; css i just wouldnt feel that i’d done anything to deserve anything.

    all ive been eating really is toast and tea adding some chips here and there. 

    Prom is friday. fun :/ really am not looking forward to it and im not sure why anymore :/ 20 days until i move. man. scary shizzle. anyway. this blog is rather shit.


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