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  • Hannah Montana Miami Concert Photos

    August 13th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    More pics from Hannah Montana’s / Miley Cyrus’ concert this time from Miami and Newark, NJ (thanks to Alexandra) from last month.

    Lots of pics from the Miami concert in high quality and some lower quality ones from Newark.

    My internet has been really slow today and believe it or not it took almost an hour to upload these.

    This is the second time Miley Cyrus has held a concert in both of these cities, the first time being her Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds tour. Check out the photos from early 2008 in Miami and Newark **hint hint, Nick Jonas times**! There’s also some videos of Miley in the archive from last year in Newark.

    Well, this was it, Miley’s unfortunately completed her tour with her last concerts in the UK before new year with a prank that backfired on her.

    As she was performing at the Manchester arena in England she handed one of her dancers a cream-filled hat to end the concert in high spirits. However, the dancer had the last laugh when he threw the cream filled hat back at the Hannah Montana star, covering her backside and hair.

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