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  • Jason Earles Defends Miley Cyrus On Twitter 10/16/2010

    October 17th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    Hey there fans,

    Miles has a “True Friend” in Jason and he came to her defense on Twitter today. He can’t understand why people want to trash Miles over this video when there are more important issue that they could spend their time worrying about.

    @DukeOfEarles: So.Miley’s WOMH video. Whats big deal? Suggestive, sure, but she doesn’t do anything. Lets relax n focus on real problems

    You tell ‘em Jason. Miles doesn’t need that junk and deserves way more respect than some people give her. Thanks Jason for standing up for Miles. Please don’t let people upset you on Twitter. You will hear a lot of this garbage about Miles on there. Just ignore it basically.

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