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  • Miley & Demi Most Beautiful Inside & Out

    October 4th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    Portrait magazine has asked the fans to nominate what celebs they think are beautiful inside and out. Well after a long process the votes are in and Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato made the top 20!

    #17 Miley Cyrus
    “Beauty is the enemy. We try to conquer not feeling beautiful all our lives. It’s a battle that can’t be won. There’s no definition of beauty. The only way to achieve beauty is to feel it from inside without breaking down into individual physical attributes.”

    Type in Miley Cyrus in Google and you’ll get over 58million results, just over 3million hits talk about her beauty. Recently this past year there has been a lot of criticism over Miley’s fashion choices, but we’re all allowed to make mistakes and she is about to turn 18. I think it’s about time she grew up and when you’re doing that in front millions of people, it may be a little daunting to say the least. Especially when you’ve been told by your parents, publicist, manager and just about everyone around you how to dress day to day when you’re a role model for millions of young fans. Shouldn’t role models be able to think for themselves? And it’s not like she goes out in public with her stage costumes, hello, she’s an entertainer; give the girl some slack. I don’t think she should have to apologize for everything in her life… Anyways, when it comes to Miley’s personal favourites of her own ‘beauty’ she’s quick to say her eyes, my personal favourite besides her hair.

    Miley Cyrus’ enthusiasm for contributing and helping others has found a variety of channels including The Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Blessings in a Backpack, City of Hope, Houston Children’s Charity, Libby Ross Foundation, Music for Relief, Musicians on Call, Red Cross & St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As you can tell by looking at the list not only are the children important to her but she cannot stop with just one venue of helping others. Miley does what she can and uses her celebrity to help out great causes and hopes that it reaches out to others to join causes and touch the hearts of those they help.

    Why You Chose Her:
    Amber: Miley gets mocked a lot for her fashion choices but I think she’s beautiful. Her style is unique plus she put out a fashion line so her fans can dress like her. Miley does a lot of charity work too and people don’t give her enough credit.

    #20 Demi Lovato
    “The mirror can lie. It doesn’t show you what’s inside”

    Demi Lovato definitely has her own sense of style that’s different from her fellow Disney stars. I can honestly say her style is a great one for a role model to young kids. My younger sister and her friends actually love dressing like Demi. So when asking my younger siblings what they like most about Demi Lovato besides her music and clothing style, the girls are quick to say her hair and the boys think her eyes are ‘amazing’ but then they were quick to deny that they even knew who she was. When Demi was asked about her favourite to do in style she answered “I like mixing and matching things. Just colours, I really like mixing colours . You know they say don’t wear brown and black together, but I’ll totally do that.” People Magazine also asked her who she looks up to in fashion: ‘I just love the way that [Kim Kardashian] dresses. She wears clothes that fit her body. I’ve been embracing my body as I’ve been getting older, I’m starting to have curves and I’m embracing it and kind of looking to her style to help me out with that.’

    She also keeps her younger fans and siblings in mind when picking out her clothes, which is another reason I personally appreciate Demi and her style. “I wear and do what I want. Sometimes, when I want to wear a really hot skirt or something, I think, ‘Would you want your little sister to wear that skirt in two years? No.” When it comes to her fans, not only does she worry about what she wears with them looking up to her but she also stands up to bullying and encourages fans to do the same with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Movement . Demi also took the time out of her busy touring schedule to call a fan struggling with obesity to show her support and surprise her with an autographed portrait. I actually cried when I watched the episode on ‘Doctors’. Demi Lovato is definitely a beautiful person inside and out!

    Why You Chose Her:
    Deea: Everything from head to toe, she is the definition of beauty in all senses.


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