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  • Poop with Eyes

    November 20th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    When you googlize “Poop with Eyes”, this picture of Ryan Cabrera apparates onto your computer screen door.  Looks like his frosted tips just turned that lightbulb emo.  For those of you who doesn’t knows, Ryan Cabreezy wasn’t always a terd with eyes.  He used to be a terd who also dated the pre-op rhino version of Ashley Simpson.  Later, he hosted some terdy MTV dating show where whoever makes the least pooped-up song gets picked by some girl to be her lover.

    Speechin of MTV shows, whatevs happened to Date My Mom?  We gots to bring that stuff back, son, because if Uru doesn’t like paintballin’, I might not like her daughter.

    Shout out to Angel Princess.

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