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    September 13th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    We don’t have pictures of this, but reports coming in from a live video from Miley’s choreographer and being people tweeting what is going on via Twitter are saying that Liam was seen on the live feed leaving Miley’s House and getting into a car with her.

    Her videographer who is doing the live feed from Miley’s house confirmed that it was indeed Liam with Miley. A pap on the scene also confirms it as there are about 20 stationed around her house all the time.

    @alisonpgw Miley just come out the house…guess who is in the car ?

    @LiesAngeles: Hi liam…

    Could Liley Miam be back on? If we get pics or videos then we will bring those to you. Stay tuned for further developments on this story.

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