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    October 11th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    This weekend  a small group of girls were able to meet Miley Cyrus! The girls, who are big fans of Miley, sought Miley out to see if she’d help them with a project.

    After several unsuccessful attempts to meet Miles, the girls finally got lucky! They scored pictures with Miley and were invited to come back later so Miley could help them with their project.

    This was so sweet of Miley to do! She definitely made these girls’ day!

    Also above is video of Dolly Parton, Miley’s godmother, at the Grand Ole Opry birthday bash. At around the 4:00 min mark she talks about Miley and how she thinks people need to cut Miley some slack because she’s just trying to grow up. Dolly says she thinks Miley will be just fine and that she (Dolly) knows how talented she is. I love Dolly.

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    September 5th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    - Liam Hemsworth has told friends that he is hoping for a reconciliation with ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus, according to reports.  The 20-year-old Australian actor, who met Cyrus while they were filming The Last Song, confirmed their split last week.  A friend of the couple told The Daily Telegraph: “Although the relationship is over now, it doesn’t mean it is over forever.

    There might be a chance of rekindling their romance in the future. They both are of the mindset that if it’s meant to be, it will be.

    “Liam was into the relationship a lot more then she was. He liked being exclusive. He was serious about her and wanted to make it work.
    “She still has strong feelings for Liam, but she still is very young and currently is career driven. She knows this is her time to shine career-wise and that love will come whenever she wants it. She was a lot busier than he was, and distance also played a role in the break-up.”


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    July 13th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    Miley J-14 interview. Did you expect so much success from Hannah? I think I knew it would be a success because the writers are so incredible and the script was amazing. But I don’t think I expected it to be like the phenomenon that it is. I don’t think I expected it to open so many doors for other artists on Disney to be able to involve music and acting and all that. I’m really proud to be a part of a really cool family. I’m excited to move on to new things. But I definitely didn’t expect it to take off the way that it did, especially so soon. I can’t believe it’s already coming to an end, either. It feels like we just started.

    How do you think you’ve changed? I think I’ve definitely changed a lot. When I came to the set, I had my mom. She was my assistant, makeup artist, hair stylist, and wardrobe person all at the same time. My mom had me in this t-shirt that she had got for me that says ‘I should have my own TV show.’ I had it on with my skirt and full face make up. I was just sitting there like, ‘Oh my God, I’m on a Disney set. My life is like about to change.’ Sure enough, it did. I just remember coming to work with full face makeup, and now we’re all in our pajamas when we come to work. I’m definitely a lot more comfortable with myself and I don’t need to feel like I need to get dressed up every day. This is just like a home to us.

    Excited or sad for the show to end? I’m really looking forward to it. Right after this I go into an independent film called LOL with Demi Moore. With Hannah, I’ve been so attached for so long. It is so commercial and so franchised and done for such a big market. I’m going off that type of show into a film that is an indie movie. There isn’t a huge distributor behind it. I’ll be making a film that we think is going to touch people. It’s got a lot of edginess to it and it’s definitely not just for the fan base of Hannah Montana. You’ve just got to choose things that you really like and that are right for you at the time.

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    July 5th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    I’m now working on songs for a CD in 2011, maybe. In 2012 I’ll be 20 years then I’ll have the chance to show my fans my adult side. So it would be great to bring a new album. So maybe in 2011 I bring an EP or something. But I really have my heart wanting to show my fans an adult side in 2012. If I can not make a CD in 2012, maybe do something different.

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