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    July 13th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    The 17-year-old’s new look reached new levels at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto where she appeared in some very skimpy outfits.

    In the same week, a picture of her was released on the internet by Perez Hilton, where it appeared she was wearing no knickers.

    Now obviously this sounds shocking, disgusting even, that a grown man would publish a picture like that on his website that would be seen by millions. However, I find it really hard to feel sorry for her.

    She appears on stage as an adult, goes out with an older boy, has been seen grinding up against a 40 something year old man and has posed topless in a magazine, so it’s hard to still see her as a child.

    But she’s 17, that’s still young.And we all know what happens when people start acting older than their age, ahem Britney Spears.

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