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    By Nicholas Chow, MSN, 18/11/2010

    In this week’s edition: Robert Pattinson and Jason Statham fight over Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus might have caused her parents’ divorce and Stephen Chow’s really young catalogue model lover.

    Robert Pattinson and Jason Statham brawl over Kristen Stewart

    First, Kristen Stewart got a vampire and a werewolf to fight over her. Now, a vampire and a mega action star? According to tabloid mag US Weekly, boyfriend Robert Pattinson and muscular action star Jason Statham reportedly got into a brawl in a bar and had to be separated by bouncers the ‘Twilight’ vamp confronted Jason because he was trying to get cozy with Kristen.

    According to eyewitnesses, the 24-year-old Rob was said to be furious when he saw the 43-year-old Jason, who was rumoured to have split from his Victoria’s Secret Angel girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, getting too cozy with Kristen at a LA bar. Rob reportedly marched right up to Jason and told him, “I think you’ve had enough time with her.” The two got face-to-face, and bouncers were called in to pull them away before punches were thrown. We don’t have to tell you who would walk out of the bar uninjured if punches were thrown, do we?


    Miley Cyrus is the reason why her parents are divorcing?

    Forget the stories where people are saying that Mama Cyrus is cheating on Papa Cyrus with Brett Michaels, because according to The National Enquirer, it was Miley Cyrus who caused her parents’ shocking divorce. The publication is claiming that Miley’s dad, country singer Billy Ray, was furious when he found out that his wife Tish had given Miley permission to go out after he had grounded her for talking back.

    According to a source, Billy Ray then allegedly called Tish a “b**ch” and tried to force her out of the bedroom where she had been hiding. Billy was said to be so mad by the way his wife and daughter had been behaving, he immediately filed for divorce. Aww, Tish and Miley must have broken his “Achey Breaky Heart” (sorry, we just had to).


    Adrian Grenier and Blake Lively sitting on a tree…

    When a babe like Blake Lively gets back on the market, it’s a no brainer she is sure to get a whole lot of attention. According to Star Magazine, one person who seems to have a lot of interest in the newly-single 23-year-old is ‘Entourage’ star Adrian Grenier.

    Both Adrian and Blake met at a Vertu party in Manhattan recently, and according to sources, Adrian was glued to Blake’s side for most of the night and he made sure they exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night.

    A source told the publication: “As Blake was chatting with Seal, Adrian came over and the three started talking about the elections. Then Seal left. And that’s when things got interesting. He kept complimenting her. It’s like he was on a mission.” Who wouldn’t be? It’s Blake Lively we are talking about here.


    Stephen Chow has a young, catalogue model lover

    Fresh off a high-profile break-up from his long-time girlfriend, Hong Kong superstar Stephen Chow found himself a new lover – 28 years his junior! According to reports from Hong Kong, the 49-year-old actor-director is reportedly dating a 21-year-old catalogue model who goes by the name of Kama Lo.

    The Hong Kong media reported that the pair has been seeing each other for more than three months now, and they were recently photographed donning a couple’s tee and working at Hong Kong’s Cyber Port.

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