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  • Watch Out Angelina Jolie Because Here Comes Miley Cyrus

    September 4th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    Hey fans,

    Miles could be the next female action movie queen if the reports are accurate about her possible upcoming movie role in The Family Bond. So Angelina Jolie may have some competition.

    This movie is being touted as an actions flick. Family Bond is the story of big-mouthed, single-parent teen Chloe, who, after discovering her mother has been kidnapped, is forced to track down the dad she never knew. DAD happens to be Matt Cooper, a CIA agent who’s whip-smart, hot and a hit with the ladies – who happens to be playing a tutor during an undercover assignment in the Cayman Islands. DAD is also not especially pleased to see the daughter he never knew existed!

    According to sources Miley has not officially signed a contract to do this movie yet, but Executive Producer Adam Siegel’s office is hopeful that is just a formality and Miles will be on board with the project soon.

    So do you guys think that Miles will make a good action star?

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