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  • Everyone grows up

    September 8th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    The singer / actor Miley Cyrus grows up!
    Some take it as a very bad thing, but she can’t stay as a kid forever.
    Miley is still in the process of figuring out what she’s looking for: She’s trying to get fans around her own age but that doesn’t mean that she wants to let go of her younger fans. She said in an interview that she feels comfortable with what she wears. It’s her life and therefore she is in control of what she wears. Who are we to judge? To Miley Cyrus it’s coming all naturally and she doesn’t expect everyone to like it. Miley has  said herself that she’s not using sex appeal to make people buy her album ”Cant Be Tamed” – Miley Ray Cyrus is edgy and more mature and she’s making new music that gets that point across.

    Everyone grows up, that’s life. The only difference is that she’s growing up in front of an audience.

    We love y’all. xxxo

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