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  • Miam Breakup Update + Details

    August 27th, 2010Info2uLatest News

    27 08 2010

    This is an update on Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth‘s split, it seems the actress has been flirting it up with her “LOL” costar Adam Sevani.

    According to a an E! insider, Miley was spotted straddling Adam on the Detroit set of the film, though the paparazzo who saw it wasn’t 100% sure it was Sevani. He told press, “It looked like she was looking at something that he was holding. I was at the set of the movie. I was out in my car and I could see in between the trailers and I saw them. I think it’s Adam Sevani but it was hard to tell.”

    Then again, Liam was also said to be plenty busy himself with a new girl that he met at the US Open Surf Competition earlier this month.

    According to a “source”  Miley is extremely upset over the  breakup . That “source” told Star  ‘Miley is devastated. She really thought Liam was ‘The One’. Although she did put her career ahead of they’re relationship, she made it clear it to Liam he wouldn’t always come second. She’s hoping they’ll be able to sort it out.’

    o_O These kids don’t know what they want. But that’s only if Miley’s really “devastated” And to think….they were my 2nd fav couple. Right after Zanessa of course :) . Miley will bounce back…she’ll a tough girl.

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